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How Web Design and Love Share Four Important Traits

When you think of your favorite website, it’s likely that you think of it in terms of its beauty and simplicity. You’re drawn to it because the visuals are aesthetically pleasing, and the navigation is easy to understand. That’s only half the story, though. The other half lies in the psychology behind how people use the website, which you might be able to learn more about by thinking about your favorite love affair—or your recent breakup.

1) Create A User Experience

When designing a website, you have to create an experience for your users. After all, you want them to enjoy themselves! The user experience is about more than just clicks and scrolling; think about how people are going to feel when they come across your site. How will they feel after visiting it? Can they get what they need from it? What do you want them to remember when they’re done? Having a great UX is like having good manners: If people don’t know how to behave around you, then there will be lots of confusion – both for them, and for you. When everyone knows what’s expected of them, everyone wins!

2) Be Open To New Ideas

One of your first steps in falling in love with a new design project is to be open to how it can differ from what you originally imagined. New ideas are exciting, after all. The more rigidly you define an expectation for a new website or application, for example, the less likely it is that you’ll find innovative solutions as problems arise. Remember that your client has hired you because they want something different—and they want something better than what they already have. If you set expectations too high initially, you could lose them just as quickly as if you set them too low.

3) Focus On Security

The reality is that many people create poor passwords, because they can’t be bothered to think of something secure. If you don’t want your accounts to be compromised, then you need to take action. Use a different password for every site you visit; always remember your passwords; use a password manager if necessary; change your passwords often; and most importantly, pick strong ones. For example, it’s recommended that you have 12 characters or more in a password. It should include uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols (if possible). Keep your security measures up-to-date—technology is changing all of the time, so keep an eye out for new vulnerabilities that might affect how you protect yourself online.

4) Take Charge of Your Product

When we think of love, a few big things always come to mind. Communication, trust, affection, and romance—are all core traits that we identify as essential to what it means to be in love. They’re also some of most important skills you can have in web design. As technology continues to advance at breakneck speeds, our reliance on websites is only going to grow stronger—and if you want your business’s site to be an asset instead of a liability, it needs to live up (and be updated) with industry trends. That’s where learning how web design works become so important: By taking charge of your product and making sure it stays fresh and relevant over time, you can ensure long-term success.

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