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The Website vs. Sales Funnel Debate: Which One is More Important?

Sales funnels and websites are both vital to the success of any business. When these two marketing channels are working together, your chances of success are much greater than if you focus on just one or the other. However, because these two concepts seem so similar, many people have never stopped to consider the differences between them, much less the strategic importance of using both in tandem. To help you achieve your business goals, here’s an explanation of what sales funnels and websites are and how they complement each other.

Why websites matter

In business, there are two primary goals: making sales and acquiring new customers. The simplest way to do both of these things is by having a website where people can purchase your product or service, or download valuable content for free. A website gives you control over your message (and to some extent, pricing), which means you can ensure that all aspects of your brand are consistent and appealing to consumers. It’s also easier to talk about investing in a website than it is to talk about investing in a sales funnel. However, if someone asks me what they should invest in first—I’ll say sales funnel every time . . . why? Because a website without an effective sales process behind it doesn’t make any money!

Why sales funnels matter

There’s a world of difference between a website and a sales funnel, but it may not be immediately obvious why these two marketing tools are so different. The easiest way to explain what makes a sales funnel so special is to talk about what makes websites special; in short, it’s all about conversions. Websites allow you to convert site visitors into customers, but there are numerous factors that come into play here; for example, your content might be relevant enough for customers to make an investment in you. Additionally, your traffic might be targeted enough for them to become loyal customers; maybe they liked your product page or landing page enough to place an order! Perhaps most importantly of all though – how long did they stay on your site before leaving?

The Relationship Between the Two

When it comes to business, you have to have a website and sales funnel in place before a customer can become a leader and then convert into a sale. Without both tools, you will be unable to complete any of your goals as an entrepreneur; they are one and the same! While having only one won’t hurt your chances of success, having neither gives you none at all. However, which one is more important? It depends on what kind of business you are running!

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